• Liz Aragon

Little Readers: Babies

Let’s address a few misconceptions about babies -

1.) “Babies don’t read books.” Yes, they do! Part of fluency & literacy is reading the pictures to apply context to written storybooks. When babes look at images in books that IS a form of literacy!

2.) “Babies don’t understand if I read to them.” Babies are sponges! Read to them from day one! Sure they don’t automatically understand everything you say but their brains are working fast & hard on that receptive language.

3.) “I prefer neutrals.” This was me. I had a vision BUT as babies' eyes & brains develop they need high contrast. Think black, white & primary colors. Fold-out books have been a game-changer when it comes to tummy time. The high-contrast colors & images capture his attention so he forgets that he’s exercising.

Search “123 Counting” through the link in "shop the bookshop".

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